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Girls’ skirts for all tastes

Skirts for girls can be worn at any time and anywhere. With a skirt your daughter will be able to look carefree and informal or fancy for those special occasions. In summer they are super cool; in winter they combine perfectly with tights.

Does your daughter like to wear skirts? Take a look at our skirts, made from the best quality materials and durable, for all her adventures. Watch her learn and play in skirts that are colourful and stylish.

At Boboli you will find girls' skirts in all materials and for all tastes: tulle skirts, denim skirts, knit, fleece, cotton skirts, with ruffles, plain, printed, or pleated skirts... A fantastic item of clothing that brings together comfort and style: skirts for girls.

Discover them with yur daughter: they will win you over.

Skirts for all occasions

The skirt is one of those pieces of children's clothing that your girl can wear at any time of the year. Look for models that have soft fabrics and functional designs, like at Boboli where our skirts let girls play freely.

For example, in summer your daughter can spend the day in a cool girl's dress or a skirt and a girl's short-sleeved top or tank top. She won’t need much more: sandals and let her run free. And when it cools down in the evenings, a jacket for girls will be an ideal option. In our collection you will find perfect denim jackets for times like these. She will be comfortable, fresh and ready to have a thousand and one adventures.

In addition, it is a very comfortable look for days at the beach or pool. Just arrive and take off the skirt, easy. She can even leave the house in a swimsuit with a fun and colourful print that serves as a top.

Warm winter skirts for girls winter

Skirts are also perfect for winter. You can combine them with our Boboli tights and accessories, made with very soft materials so you never have to hear “It itches!”

Add a girl's coat or parka to the look. With any of our styles your girl’s outfit will be perfect.

Girls’ tulle skirts: elegance for special occasions

If you have a special occasion and you need your daughter to look elegant, a safe bet is going to be the Boboli ivory embroidered tulle skirt. You can also take a look at our skater skirt, with a sailor’s touch, or our whimsical skirt with a multicoloured macaron print. Elegant and colourful.

Skirts for girls in which your little girl can run and jump, in addition to being appropriate for any occasion. Because girls should be able to play like girls anytime, anywhere. A definite win-win!