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Soft, comfortable and good quality baby clothes

We present a collection of soft and quality baby clothes, with which your little one will feel truly comfortable and you will become addicted to having your little one in your arms, if you are not already!

All Boboli baby clothes are made with the best materials and always with baby’s comfort in mind.

The well-being of your little ones is our priority. At Boboli we invest all our efforts in making practical baby clothes in which your little one will feel really comfortable and have total freedom of movement. In his first years of life, your baby learns to move in a different way every day, and he needs quality clothing that can accompany him on all his adventures.

Baby clothes that are not only comfortable for your little one but also make your life a little easier. Buttons that are easy to fasten, trousers and dresses for baby girls that are easy to put on and take off, T-shirts with side openings so that they don't bother baby when you put them on…We want life with your baby to be as easy as possible.

Baby clothes made with materials that take care of their skin

After more than 35 years making baby clothes, we know the best materials to take care of your little one's skin, as it deserves. Our clothes meet the most demanding safety standards in accordance with European regulations, so you don't have to worry about chafing, itching or unnecessary allergies.

In addition, all Boboli baby clothes are certified with the OEKO-TEK seal, which ensures that they comply with maximum safety standards and are totally free of toxins and substances that could harm their health and the environment.

We make almost all of Boboli baby clothes with 100% premium cotton that helps your little one's skin breathe and stay healthy.

Baby clothes made so that both of you are care-free. You have enough things to worry about already!

Baby clothes with designs that will make you excited

Our baby fashion collection is full of vibrant colours and prints with personality that will bring life to the coldest days and go well with bright summer days. Quality clothes that follow the latest trends and in which your little one will stand out amongst the crowd.

In our online store you will find baby girls’ clothes and baby boys’ clothes with the 100% Boboli seal. Clothes and accessories for baby girls and boys such as tights, scarves or hats with fun and practical designs that adapt to the rhythm of your baby's life. Colourful, vibrant baby clothes made with soft and durable fabrics in which they can play and explore.

Baby clothes for all seasons

At Boboli you will find colourful baby clothes with personality for all seasons. The only thing that will be grey in winter are the rainy days and in summer your little one shine bright with the sunlight.

Summer clothes for babies

In our collection of summer clothes for babies you will find soft and cool fabrics such as cotton or linen, so that their skin can breath no matter how hot it is.

At this time, trousers and shorts will be a must in your baby's wardrobe. They are perfect for when the temperatures rise. In Boboli’s online baby clothing store we have a wide variety and with many prints so that you can choose the one that best suits each occasion.

Baby boys’ T-shirts and baby girls’ T-shirts are perfect for any look. Without a doubt, in summer they are one of the most used pieces of clothing.

And for pool or beach days, you can't miss the collection of bikini-type swimsuits for baby girls or trunk-type swimsuits for baby boys. They dry quickly and have fun designs that your baby will love.

Autumn-winter clothes for baby

Autumn and winter days will no longer be a concern for you, because with Boboli baby clothes your little one will be warm and cosy at all times.

In winter, sweaters and sweatshirts for baby boys or sweaters for baby girls are a garment that is essential for their wardrobe. Soft, warm and comfortable, your little one will be totally comfortable and will never want to take them off. We take no responsibility for fights when summer comes and they still want to wear their jumper!

For mid-season jackets for boys and jackets for girls are the best option. They are easy to take off thanks to their central zipper or the buttons that at Boboli we choose strategically to favour their independence when they are a bit older.

Of course, for the coldest days you can't miss a good coat to keep your baby boy or girl warm. Our coats and parkas are gorgeous: they all have original designs and are made with functional fabrics that resist the daily rigours of baby life.

Partywear for babies

If you have a wedding, baptism, communion or any other event where you need to be dressed up, at Boboli we also have baby clothes for parties or special occasions. You will find tops and T-shirts for baby girls in which your little one will be beautiful and she can wear them with fancier trousers, a dress or a cute skirt. And for your baby boy, smart trousers with a T-shirt or shirt will go great.

How to wash Boboli baby clothes

At Boboli we always think about your comfort and making your day-to-day life easier. That is why we assure you that you can wash all baby clothes in the washing machine without fear of deterioration. Of course, take a good look at the program you use for each item, because washing a cotton shirt is not the same as washing a wool sweater.

You also have to look at the type of soap you use to wash baby clothes. Make sure it is a hypoallergenic neutral soap that cannot harm their delicate skin.