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Soft and comfortable children's clothing

We shouldn’t brag, but the truth is that Boboli children's clothing for boys and girls from 4 to 16 years old is simply perfect. Made with the best materials that take care of your little ones health and the environment, durable fabrics for all their adventures, and fun designs with personality... What more can you ask for in children's clothing?

There is no doubt: kids are born to be wild. And we take that into account when choosing our materials and creating our children's clothing so they can handle all their tumbles and handstands. Not only will our clothes withstand all their adventures, but they can even be passed down from generation to generation.

Your little one will wear the most comfortable clothes for boys and girls, that allows them to move freely. You already know: girls and boys do not stand still, and their clothes must be up to the job.

Children's clothing with 100% boboli DNA

Boboli children's clothing adapts to the lifestyle of active boys and girls eager to explore, play and learn. Our designs represent the little ones desire to live life to the max. Colourful dresses for girls, shirts for boys with fun prints that will bring a smile to whoever sees them.

This is what Boboli children's clothing is: 100% Boboli, 100% for children. Kids will be kids, and we want to encourage and stimulate the natural curiosity of children with clothes that let them be themselves.

Clothing for boys and girls made with quality materials

One of our priorities is the well-being of children. We choose durable functional fabrics and sustainable natural fibres to make clothing that passes the strictest quality controls.

You won’t have to hear "it itches!", "it scratches me!" or “it’s sticking into me!” anymore. Moreover, at Boboli we work to achieve maximum comfort and softness in our garments. All our children's clothing is certified with the OEKO-TEK seal, which ensures that there is no trace of substances that are harmful to their health and the environment.

Children's clothing for curious children

Are you looking for children's clothing that’s colourful, patterned and with a lot of rock and roll? At Boboli you will find a unique and different collection of children's clothing for boys. Outfits for everyday, special occasions and any time of the year that will accompany him in all his adventures of the most curious kid.

Children's clothing for all seasons

Take a look at boys' jumpers and sweatshirts, the perfect piece of children's clothing to wear in the winter or for cool summer nights. Combine it with one of our boys' shirts and long trousers in winter, or with a long-sleeved T-shirt and shorts in summer. Fantastic.

For winter, you will be won over by the boys' coats in our online store, made with functional fabrics that will keep you warm on the coldest days. While, for the summer, you can take a look at the boy's swimsuits with fun prints, ideal for days at the pool or beach.

Children's clothing for intrepid girls

If your little girl is a budding little explorer, she's sure to love the Boboli girls' clothing collection. Vibrant colours that reflect their personality, original prints for all tastes and daring embroideries is the signature style of adventurous girls like yours.

Clothes to play in, have fun in, to read in, and to shine in... In our online store we have cheerful, fun dresses that are full of personality for girls. Our T-shirts, tops and jackets for girls are beautiful and she will love them. They go great with trousers, dungarees or skirts.

Must-have children's clothing for girls for winter or summer

Girls' coats and parkas from Boboli are especially loved. You will fall in love with their prints and they are made with functional fabrics that ensures that they will withstand any inclement weather. We also have reversible styles so that your girl can change the look as she wants. How cool is that?!

In summer, one of the children's clothing items that you should stock up on are swimsuits and bikinis for girls. And when pool and beach season arrives, no one will be able to get your little one out of the water...