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Dresses for girls from 4 to 16 years old

Are you looking for the perfect dress for every occasion? Without a doubt, you are in the right place. Find in our dresses for girls section the best dress to create her favourite look. Boboli dresses come in many different colours and patterns. With our dresses, she will stand out.

We have many different styles. You just have to choose the one you like the most. You can combine our dresses with our sweaters or sweatshirts for girls in winter or with a short-sleeved T-shirt in summer. Floral, rock n’ roll, or romantic dresses. We cater to all tastes!

Find her perfect style in the Boboli collection: short, tight, denim, dungarees, or jumpsuits. We have dresses with prints, stripes, flowers... or simply plain. Less is more!

In addition, our collection of dresses has been designed especially for her, girls’ clothes for 4 to 16 years old. We know it is not just a dress you are looking for. With our designs, she will be able to let her personality shine. We are sure the dress she chooses will say a lot about her.

Colourful girls’ dresses

Discover in our online store the items of clothing that are going to become the favourite of this season and fill her wardrobe with colour, starting with our dresses. They are waiting for you!

We design unique girls’ dresses that follow current trends. She will be so fashionable! In addition, as in all our collections, the quality of the materials we use is our priority. Boboli is characterised by quality, our clothing passes from brothers to brothers, to cousins, and even to the next generation.

The materials we use are soft and light. All our garments undergo strict quality controls since our mission is to offer clothes that provide maximum comfort.

Our dresses for girls from 4 to 16 years old are full of style, life, and colour. You can tell the difference. In addition, you will find styles for all kinds of occasions. To go to school, to the park, on weekends and for the most special of occasions such as weddings or communions.

Girls’ dresses that are full of personality

The dress is a really versatile garment that can be worn in both summer and winter. They are romantic but at the same time warriors. Comfortable and practical... in a moment she will be ready for any occasion. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Without a doubt, dresses are essential in your girl's wardrobe.

Summer dresses for girls

In spring and summer, dresses with straps and short sleeves are our favourites. They are comfortable, soft, and cool. They will allow her to play in total comfort until she drops. She can move without thinking about anything else. We are sure that she will never want to take it off.

Of course, the fabrics adapt to the seasons and the style of the dress. In summer we use linen and cotton the most. And for special occasion dresses, from our chic collection, chiffon and tulle are the winners because they provide lightness and fluidity.

Winter dresses for girls

On the other hand, in autumn and winter, we prefer dresses with long sleeves and fleece. Girls' jackets and sweaters are perfect to wear with dresses. They add elegance and help fight against the cold.

Colours like maroon, bottle green, mustard and black play a central part in our designs.

Dresses for girls for any occasion

If we have one thing clear at Boboli, is that dresses need no introduction. They have their own light and are the star of any look. But we have to take into account what we wear with them and what accessories we put with them. For example, some strapless dresses can be combined with T-shirts, tops and shirts for girls, to give it a more original look.

We also have tights that are the perfect friend in autumn and winter. In addition, they help give a different look to outfits. We have many different colours, you can choose the pair that she loves and best matches her dress. Give it a try!