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Fun and colorful boys’ shirts

Fun and colorful boys’ shirts

Boy's shirts are ideal for baptisms, weddings, or special occasions but also for any day of the week.

In summer, with a short-sleeved shirt made of a cool fabric like linen, your child will look great for watching a sunset on the seafront. In winter, a long-sleeved shirt will be ideal for a Sunday lunch with the grandparents. Shirts and polos combine comfort and looking well-dressed in one with which your child will be able to continue playing non-stop.

Shirts for children that pass from generation to generation

After more than 35 years of experience and having dressed thousands of children, at Boboli, we know what your child needs.

We review every little detail, from the design to the fabric or the way our boys’ clothing is made, to ensure the best quality and maximum comfort. This is how our boys’ shirts are passed on to cousins, brothers, and friends, even from generation to generation!

Because when we talk about clothing for boys, at Boboli we have a golden rule: make durable garments so that boys can experience all kinds of adventures. Clothes that can handle all those roly-polys, somersaults, bridges, tumbles, handstands... that make children children.

Shirts and polo shirts for boys with an infinity of styles and designs

White shirts, black shirts, beige or gray shirts, printed or plain colored shirts, mandarin collar shirts, short or long-sleeved shirts, plaid shirts, denim shirts, polo shirts...

The world of boys’ shirts is a world full of styles and designs. Because clothing is a means of expression and your son is very clear about his tastes in terms of clothing. Sit down and choose the shirt of the season with him and allow him to be different by being himself.

Among all the styles of shirts for boys between 4 and 16 years old from Boboli, your son will surely find that design that screams his personality from the rooftops.

What to mix and match with shirts for boys

Another advantage of boys' shirts is that they go with other items of clothing very easily.

If it's winter and it's getting cold, you can create a great outfit with a colourful jacket or a very warm sweatshirt and long trousers. A white or black long-sleeved shirt will look great, for example, with jeans, while a denim shirt will look great with dark trousers. Finish off the look with a boy's coat and it will look fantastic.

In summer, a polo or short-sleeved shirt for your boy will go great with shorts or chinos. Little else is needed: comfortable shoes and a thousand and one adventures.