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Clothes for newborn baby boys that respect their skin

The skin of a newborn baby is very delicate and needs special care. At Boboli we know this well and, based on more than 35 years of experience, we have created newborn baby clothes that care for and respect their skin.

We want exceptional quality fabrics for any item of clothing that is in direct contact with your baby's skin. For this reason, we pay extra attention to our clothes for newborn boys. We use only natural fibers: our newborn clothing is made from 100% organic cotton of the highest quality.

We are so demanding that our baby clothes take care of their skin that all our garments pass the strictest quality controls.

All Boboli clothing for newborn boys is certified by the OEKO-TEK seal to ensure that our products comply with the highest safety regulations and are totally free of substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

So you and your baby can rest easy. Because you have enough things to worry about already. And if you want to dress your boy in 100% organic cotton, be sure to check out our catalog of organic cotton clothes for newborns. Discover Bob&Oli!

Baby bodysuits, indispensable for dressing newborns

If there is a star item of clothing when we talk about newborn baby boys’ clothes, it is undoubtedly the bodysuit. Your baby will wear a few bodysuits throughout the day, at least until you start toilet training.

The baby bodysuit is an essential basic in your wardrobe. In winter, your baby will wear a long-sleeved bodysuit under other newborn boys’ clothes to protect him from the cold. In summer, they will probably spend the day in a sleeveless top or short-sleeved bodysuit, a comfy romper, and little else.

You will need more than one bodysuit throughout the day. For this reason, our packs of comfortable cotton bodysuits with colorful designs are going to be a real saviour.

Boboli baby bodysuits are designed to make your baby’s life more comfortable and your life easier. They have snap closures that will help you change their nappy and easy openings that will help you take it off quickly and easily. Something you will appreciate when there are nappy leaks.

Clothes for newborn boys to protect him from the cold

Socks are another one of those items that are essential in your baby's wardrobe. How many socks do you carry in your bag when you take him out for a walk? Definitely more than one.

This item of newborn boy's clothing will accompany you both in winter and in summer to keep their feet warm when the temperature inside or out is cold. You know how cold it gets when some places put the air conditioning on full blast.