Walk, Trot
Canter, Gallop!

Explore new routes. Connect with nature.

Give them affection and let them

Show theirs when you hug the

What a great feeling it is to be

carried away by their magic and

share the journey with a good friend.

Our horses!


11 years

612 kg

160 cm


5 years

814 kg

172 cm


16 years

387 kg

142 cm

Great teachers

Horseback riding is much more than a hobby or sport

Horseback riding helps us

to have strong muscles and

improve our concentration.

They also teach us

to share and improve language.

And the best lesson of all:

They teach us to respect

and love nature and animals.

Let’s eat!

Looking after a horse is a big responsibility

But it can also be a lot of fun.

Their favourite dish? The love to eat hay

(grass or alfalfa) in large quantities.

They also need litres and litres of water, of course.

And after a good meal, what

better than a good hairstyling session.

Brushing them and giving them

lots of affection is super important –

hug them whenever you can!.