1, 2, 3… SPLASH!

Playing in the water is much more than playing.

It’s having fun, moving, socialising experimenting and of course, staying wonderfully cool on the hottest of days.

There’s so much water can teach us.

And it’s ideal for family activities, but always with sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses to complete the party.

It’s learning while playing

One of the most entertaining forms of advancement in summer is through water games. With toys, balloons or nothing other than the imagination.

It’s a way of fine-tuning the sense of touch as well as strengthening our muscles and motor skills, because the arms and legs are always moving.

A soak in sensations

Water games are a fount of new awareness for the little ones.

It allows them to experiment and stimulates their creativity as they invent new games while strengthening their ties of friendship.

To play, invent, discover…

and non-stop laughter!