A window to the sea

These tall towers, that have crowned the edges of coasts from antiquity, are the perfect place for contemplating the sea.

We can see them along many coastlines and they still hold a magnetic attraction as well as mystery that make us think of pirates and adventure stories.

As they are anchored in strategic locations, between the land and the sea, lighthouses have the best views and give us a sense of calm and safety.

From a lighthouse, we are kings and queens of the ocean.

Against winds and tides

Lighthouses were first built many centuries ago, when there was no GPS. And that was their function: they guided seafarers and warned them about possible hazards. With their flashing lamps they signalled where terra firma was to be found to reach it.

In the topmost part, there are one or two lamps, called lanterns, which send out beams of light for a few seconds to alert boats at night. They are built tall and very strong to withstand strong winds and water. That’s why they are a symbol of strength and courage.

Terra firma!

An excursion to a lighthouse is a huge adventure. We can see it far out, standing tall, pointing out the way. When we get to it, we’re surrounded by nature’s silent landscapes of sand, shoreline and waves.

The sea is on one side and, on the other, is land. Lighthouse keepers, who make sure everything works well, live in these towers. Like them, we can see boats and seagulls on the horizon and imagine extravagant stories of brave explorers.