Expedition to the Centre of the Earth

When strolling through a volcano

we can feel all the power

and magnetism of nature

under our feet.

An energy that comes up from

the very depths of the earth and calls to us

to become explorers.

To the crater
and beyond!

Crater, Magma and Lava

Vulcan is the Roman god of fire

from whom the name for these enormous mountains derives.

Volcanoes are

full of rocks in molten form inside

the earth and oh,

but ever so exceedingly hot.

From time to time the magma

rises and spurts out of the crater

at the very top.

That’s what we call magma.

And then… BOOM!

Everything bursts forth in the form of lava, gases and ash.

But don’t worry, volcanoes

spend more time sleeping than awake

and they often let us feel their magic.

A magnetic

The Montaña

That’s the name of

this part of Fuerteventura which has

as many as 9 volcanoes lined up.

Thanks to their activity, the island grew

in size forming lava fields

a great many years ago.

Although, in reality, these volcanoes

are quite young, they’re only…

50,000 years old!

You must be well equipped to

roam them with whatever nature gives us on the way,

so grab some good walking sticks and...

Let the
expedition roll!