Bici tours

Time to go out and explore. Having a bike is like having a treasure. So, put your hands to the handlebars and let’s ride out to new horizons.

On our bikes, we can escape from the city, enjoy being outdoors, totally free to stop and discover whenever it takes our fancy. Because the most important part is having a good time on the way.

We’re off!

There are countless routes and paths to cover on our bikes, though bike tours can also be improvised. All we need is to make some provisions for the way, several layers of clothing and be off on an adventure. Pedalling can only be good: because we’re practicing a sport that strengthens the body as well as going out in nature without polluting it.

And of course, we can stop whenever we’re tired or if we’ve discovered a secret place that is begging to be explored. It’s all good.

a break

All cyclists need to replenish their energy. It’s essential to always carry water for good hydration. And if the tour feels very long, the best is to look for a lovely natural spot to improvise a small picnic. A little fruit will provide sufficient energy to arrive at our destination.

And if you feel like it, why not take a nap in the open air. And then, ride on to our destination!