The beach

Why is it that when we hear this word we immediately think of summer, heat and lots of people sunbathing? During the rest of the year, even if we can’t swim, the beach is equally beautiful and the best part is: it’s empty!

Inhar and Udai have invited us to experience a very different kind of winter day, on their favourite beach.

Whether it’s on a sunny day with a calm sea, or a cloudy day with a wild sea, the sound of the waves splashing onto the beach is the best possible soundtrack.
Feel the sound and experience the roll of the waves.

Little things
save our planet

You can take books to the beach, footballs, frisbees, do some yoga… or you could do something much braver: pick up plastic!

During the winter it’s even more obvious how much of an impact we have over the long Summer months.

Doing this doesn’t mean cleaning the entire beach, but just doing your part, however small it is.

How about just throwing away 5 pieces of plastic every time you go? It might seem like a small gesture but it definitely helps the planet.

Tons and tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year.
What can we do to avoid it?

Don’t use drinking straws unless they are biodegradable.

Do not throw non-biodegradable waste into the toilet.

Bring your own reusable bag when you go shopping and choose products that are not –unnecessarily- wrapped in plastic.