Photography is like a gaze.

That's what Alfred Eisenstaedt said. There's a lot going on in front of our eyes; everyday, ordinary moments, fun moments.

All these moments can be seen in a unique and special way, through your own eyes, through a click, through pictures.

Our eyes could always do with a bit of practice.

We can improve at how we look around.

By being aware of small details, of light moments and nuances, of little stories happening here and there that can be explained without a thousand words.

By framing and shooting something, we are choosing that particular moment, that fragment of reality that we want others to see.

This is our own gaze.

Let's practice, let's play with it and train it whenever you get the chance.

Oh great news: a phone isn’t the only thing you can take pictures with. A camera in your hands is all you need to be able to focus on taking good pictures.
That's all there is to it.

Nowadays most cameras are digital, like phones, but if you want your experience to be more authentic and pure, we recommend you to try using a film camera, the one that has been around forever, with a roll of film inside that you'll need to develop when you are done.


Maybe it sounds like gibberish, but with a film camera and only 24 or 36 pictures per roll, you'll focus more on that particular moment, that will remain forever.

You can start with a small, affordable camera, like the Show Camera, the camera Gabriel, Ana, Dilan, and Yuri used to take their photos in this shoot.