Discover Life on the Road with Agnes, Frida and Arturo.

My house stands on four wheels and is constantly moving around.

From their travelling home they can open the window and see a different a view every morning.

Four brothers and sisters,
along with their mom and dad.

Show us what it’s like to live in a van and spend entire seasons on the road.


Slow life,
    not so slow ;)

A 2 square meter home with a garden the size of thousands of kilometres.

Living in a van has its limitations, but every day has the possibility of turning into a wonderful and surprising adventure.

Less traffic,
    less stress and
       less wasted time.

It isn’t a permanent vacation.

But it doesn’t mean you have the free time to do whatever you want every day.

You still have to do homework, cook, help clean, and all the other things that living in a van with an entire family has to offer.