Let your

imagination fly

Kites are flying objects that are not just for flying. If you make them at home, you’ll be combining recycling with creativity and, of course, with the satisfaction of seeing how something you have put together rises with the wind. The sky’s the limit!

Fabrics with

a new life

Finding a new function for things you no longer use at home is always a great idea. You can use fabrics or t-shirts you no longer wear to make your kite.

All you need to do is cut out a square piece, glue two wooden or bamboo sticks across it and some string to fly it really high. And you’re ready to go out and test it.

A different


It’s time to go for a walk and let it fly. Choose a natural space with wind, such as a beach or a mountain. The children can run while they release the string of the kite and see how their toy comes alive in the sky. A walk that’s fun and out of the ordinary that they’ll want to repeat.