A cat is much more than a pet. They have strong personalities, are quite independent, curious and very creative. Living with a cat is one way you can develop emotional skills in boys and girls. Besides, they teach us things like empathy, play, and responsibility.

Caresses and positiveness on four legs

Growing up with cats has many benefits for children. They can change our mood to a more positive one and are very helpful in overcoming problems such as sadness, stress or anxiety.

Did you know that stroking them stimulates serotonin and dopamine levels? Another peculiarity is the dander from their skin that makes boys and girls more resistant to allergens, a great advantage.

Your responsibility is… to play!

To have a pet cat is to take on a great responsibility, but it’s also a lot of fun. You have to feed it a balanced diet, take care of its toilet and litter tray, and above all, you must play with it so that it stays healthy.

They love climbing, scratching and hunting. So you have to use your imagination when playing with them as well as have toys such as scratching boards, ropes or special furniture.